We Can Print home page redesign

Client: Personal Project

Services: User interface, and experience design

Year: 2020

The market currently doesn't have a symptom tracker fit for purpose for the many people that need one. They are slow, unintuitive, and bloated with unnecessary information. Many users favour using Google Sheets or an Excel Spreadsheet over a symptom tracker app as they find it faster.

My goal is to create an application targeting those who currently favour spreadsheets, and those who struggle to keep a their record updated in an existing app while maintaining a busy lifestyle.

The Palette

Colour palette for the symptom tracker app

Bright, bold, and colourful palette. These colours were chosen to help the app appear friendly, welcoming, and memorable.

Splash screen designs for the symptom tracker app

Splash screens designed as an introduction to the app. A short skippable tutorial to give the user insight into what the app offers.

UI/UX designs for the method to add a food entry on the app

These screens show how the user would add an entry for food consumed. Preset options for time are added for quick entries. Users will not have to manually enter a time for each entry, significantly speeding up usage of the app.

We Can Print full home page UI design

Miscellaneous page designs. First shown is a clip from the calendar page where the user can quickly overview the level of symptoms for each week, month, or year. Second shown is the method to add food presets. Users can add their own food choices and select an icon to represent it.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work! Want something similar?